Free From Baking Classes

Do not miss out on your favourite bakes! Learn how to make pastry, bread, pasta and treats to suit your intolerance, with one of our freefrom classes.

Elvira’s Secret Pantry provides wonderful hands on baking workshops designed to build your confidence in freefrom baking, teaching you practical recipes that you can take away and use in the kitchen. A three-hour class will teach you how to create freefrom baked goods without compromising on health and taste.

Classes are very informal yet well structured, held in a domestic kitchen – there are no bakers ovens just domestic ovens like the ones you are used to and hopefully that will give you the confidence to know that what you make on the class will be possible in your own kitchen.

We are based in Beckenham, South London, yet classes can also be held in the comfort of your home for you and a group of friends, and can be completely tailored towards your requirements.

To book a class, please get in touch via phone, email or link below.

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Alternately, why not try our baking mixes at home?

Designed to bring the joy of home baking back into the lives of busy people, our delightful range of baking mixes are all handmade and wrapped with love.
Using only the finest ingredients, our mixes are packed full of flavour that doesn’t require gluten or dairy, making a truly delicious treat for any occasion.
As a gorgeous gift for adults and children alike or simply a decadent addition to your own pantry, our mixes offer the ultimate bake at home range.

What’s included?
Our kits contain all the dry ingredients, an easy to follow recipe card and some handy extras like baking paper. Just add the fresh ingredients, follow the recipe and enjoy the baking from scratch experience with a little less fuss and no waste.

How does it work?
Step 1. Choose 3 baking mixes from our range
Step 2. Get your box
Step 3. Bake & Enjoy

Get in touch to discover the full range!


What's On

  • Afternoon Tea Baking

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Bread Making

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Savoury Baking

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Sweet Baking

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Pasta Making

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Vegan Baking

    • Contact us for class times and dates
  • Family Baking

    • Available on request


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